You love a coffee fix, don't you?
It keeps you awake and be on top of the things you want to accomplish.
Well, that is what "Olive Fotografix and Fashion Fix" is all about!
It's a fix!

We all have that image of ourselves that we keep in the realm of our psyche.
Deep within, we picture ourselves flashing in the cover of Vogue or running in a slow-mo in our own TV commercial. We even dance to our own music videos!
On some days, we just play dress-up. Be our alter-ego.
Escape our routine and be NOT who we are on a daily basis.
Other people don't have an idea how beautiful we feel inside.

But I do!
I know that you consciously pick those clothes you buy,
wear those make up, accessories, bows and ties,
and pose infront of the camera the way you do.
You want to put forward the YOU that others don't know.

I can help.
Hire me.

Together, we'll take that picture of yourself out of your psyche,
and create that image of YOURSELF that you've always wanted.
I promise you it's going to be fun!
I will help you...
...style your outfits...
...do your make-up...
...do your photoshoot...
in just a day!

I always believe that everyone is beautiful. Everyone, can be that photo model that they always dream of. A healthy dose of narcissism does wonders to our psyche!There's no need to hesitate or doubt, I can coach you all the way to a succesful personal FashionFix and Fotografix.
It will be your own photoshoot. Like you always imagined. No other.