Sunday, April 10, 2011


Finally it feels spring and even my choice for fabric has been influenced by the season that is trying to set in. The buds are just beginning to grow on tips of every tree.

I contracted a throat infection from work while doing this project due to lack of proper rest and enough sleep. I get sneezed at, coughed at and breathed at in my workplace so you can picture the rest. On Wednesday night, I got home at 10:30pm due to crazy train schedule when I was homebound. Then on Thursday afternoon, I found this floral fabric in a small store near my workplace, that has automatically become my tiny piece of heaven for fabrics. =) I went home and went crazy making this dress causing me to sleep late again.

Friday---my body complained the whole day with chills!

I never picked up the dress to finish. I still want to live!

I was in bed the whole Friday after work for energy the next day. My LAA had something very important to do so JB was with me in school. We dropped by MACYS flower show.

Very inspiring! I love you Anak!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Draping Class 1 Final Project

All of my work are in muslin fabric becoz real fabric here costs a lot. The cheapest are starting at 150 pesos; the ones that are on sale. So bear with my creations that fades along with the color of my dress form.

This is my creative top for 4/2/2011. I finished it on the same day becoz I don't like falling behind. I am often behind.

Thanks to all those who expressed appreciation to my Draping 1 final project. I sure went crazy first before I figured out how my pieces can go together. My LAA did help me on this one!

Those tucks and ruffles did took time to prepare but I sooo love doing them!

I did not compromise this project of mine for time. I could have kept it simple but my heart was telling me to see what I wanted to create.