Sunday, April 3, 2011

Draping Class 1 Final Project

All of my work are in muslin fabric becoz real fabric here costs a lot. The cheapest are starting at 150 pesos; the ones that are on sale. So bear with my creations that fades along with the color of my dress form.

This is my creative top for 4/2/2011. I finished it on the same day becoz I don't like falling behind. I am often behind.

Thanks to all those who expressed appreciation to my Draping 1 final project. I sure went crazy first before I figured out how my pieces can go together. My LAA did help me on this one!

Those tucks and ruffles did took time to prepare but I sooo love doing them!

I did not compromise this project of mine for time. I could have kept it simple but my heart was telling me to see what I wanted to create.

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