Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and New Decade!

Life is to be enjoyed soul deep!

Wearing Harley Davidson copy shirt, New York Fashion charm necklace, white Conway long sleeve undershirt, Maybee NY shop neoprene leggings, faux fur leg warmers, Timberland lady snow boots and my new favorite, a boyfriend jacket that was on sale for $10 at Charlotte Russe! What a find!
My striped fedora...I am wanting a new hat for this new year.=)
Leopard print ear fluffy ear mufflers with matching not graded fashion glasses, favorite shorts, plaid mittens and Charlotte Russe bling!
Started this New Year and Decade by pushing myself outside my comfort zone: shooting in the privacy of our room. Well, that's what we are made of, we just keep pushing our limits and broadening our horizon. This snow covered park (10 inches on this particular day) seemed the fitting place to do my first outdoor photoshoot.
I have to confess that it was a little awkward, but there are always first times, right?
May this decade be it for Olivefotografix and Fashion Fix!
Happy New Year all!

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