Saturday, March 19, 2011


Why, in the whole world would a Bimbimbop be part of a fashion and photography blog?
I am NOT shooting it artistically---it's just my lunch food.
Oh well.
BBMBOP is my therapy food today from fashion school stress.
I did fine with catching up on how to make the sleeve sloper or with the idea of draping our own design, what made me mentally stressed is the deadline---which is on Wednesday!
Not again!!!
Just when I thought I am catching up, I feel like unravelling and falling behind again for the nth time!
I have not slept 8 hours straight in any of the days these past weeks.
I need sleep........and a lot of time to do my projects.
This BBMBOP took my worries away at least for 45minutes of eating it.
Yes, will love to eat there again and again!
(32nd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
You see my L ruler and hip curve sticking out?
The designer-cum-photographer with the triathlete. =) And photographer son, hehehe.
(Shhh...he's taking the pic.)
Daddy Coach...we're ready for our swimming lessons!
P.S. I have this nagging feeling that this post should have been in OliveGoGreen. But too late. I'm sleepy now. =)

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