Monday, May 30, 2011

Last project for draping

I was thinking that fabric without print or extra texture was too plain for my gown project. I was really having jacquard fabric in my head.
My mistake (which I won't say) turned out be to a really an artistic twist on the bodice.
Draping is both a form of discipline and art. =) Of course!

The highlight of this gown is the shell on the sides: this gown is intended for women who would like their waist to look small but their hips bigger than usual.

With a little more flair here and there, this gown could actually be a period gown or an epic movie costume, LOL! I would want to design for a movie given the opportunity, why not?

This project taught me a lot---and that's the least to say!

After Draping I, II and III, I have metamorphosed from someone who is not even able to cut and sew the hem of her pants to someone who can actually make a gown. In the light of things that has been, I forgot that I do not know! Now, I simply know how. Period.

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