Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why be a fashion designer?

It took me an hour and 30 minutes to get to school today all because it was a Saturday and Manhattan's trains don't run on their regular schedule and route.
Professor Collura and the class were already going over the homework, examining each design if it has achieved the objective. The critic wasn't really focused about how creative the design was; it was more of whether or not it has achieved the objective.
When the group came to my work, they appreciated the design and color but upon critic, only the coat and the bubble dress passed the objective. The gown for Rihanna failed. It was a creative design but it did not achieve the objective.
Lesson #1 as designer: Achieve the objective.
That's how it in the industry, the professor shared: the creative director will tell the designers to design a particular shape, neckline, sleeves, skirt, pants, lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear and sportwears---and the designer has to do what is asked, adding their personal creativity in the design. Phew! Tough life!
So, the rest of the morning was all drawing and drawing, learning all possible fashion terms we can cover for the day. By 1pm I was hungry and dizzy. I ran out of school, took the train and rush to Around the World magazine store just next to Bryant park to buy last year's collections so I can do my personal homework---tagging all the clothes for their shape, neckline and sleeves so I will get better at them. I also dropped by the New York City Public Library to borrow books on Fashion and a review book for My LAA. I waited for the bus but was getting impatient standing in the zero degree weather of NYC and so I ran/walk all the way back to school in the fashion district!
I thought that it was all draw and draw the whole day when the professor shared a personal experience which really made me cry inside. I could tell you the whole story but this is what I picked from the sharing that really touched me in a really special and meaningful way:
"It is an honor to be a fashion designer. It is rewarding to dress people to bring the energy they possess outside by the clothes they wear. It is life changing when you are able to bring people out of their depression, to change their perspective, change their mood, their feelings, change the way they see themselves and change their lives. To be a fashion designer is to make people realize how special they are."

I was in awe.
I felt like hugging the Professor Collura. I feel like finding another stone in my life's purpose and knowing exactly that I know what to do with it! To me, fashion design is not just about glamour, it's about making people realize how beautiful they are---something that I know how to do from the heart. I have, in all these years of teaching been doing that---making people realize how special they are. I never thought I would do the same in fashion design. Now, you can expect that all my designs are not going to be about me anymore, it will all be about other people from here on.
Lesson #2: Design for others.
I want to be a fashion designer!!!

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