Friday, January 14, 2011

Let Fashion Fix begin!!!

Still thinking what would be the name of the clothing line and what signature to affix. Before OLIVEA, I signed my sketches MOJ.
I went to school for photography last winter. This winter, I am enrolled in Fashion Design. This is a much longer commitment...and clearly, more demanding. Before enrolling, I had a sit-down with My LAA. He believes in me and in what I can do; he approved me going to school.
So, here I am, cramming for my designs that are due tomorrow, while the rest of my fellow Cebuanos back home are cramming to have fun. This is for you Sr. Sto. Nino, Pit Senyor!

Done with the first plate! Will Rihanna wear this??? Prof. Collura is a very meticulous prof/designer---but I know she will understand. It's only our first week! And this isn't for the sketching class yet---this is just Intro to Fashion Terms.
Sketching this took me 3 hours---I wonder how long sewing will take me.

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