Monday, February 28, 2011

{Springy Roxy}

I love to call difficult photo jobs as challenging.
Like this one. Roxan the subject is a long time friend of 12 years, but in those 12 years, she has not done a photoshoot for herself, well, except now of course. You can say I coax her into it coz I as much as I want her to really see a different side of herself, I also wanted to see how far I can push my fashion styling, make-up and photographic skills on my very self-conscious but not really camera-shy friend.
First, we rummaged through her huge closet of clothes and racks of shoes---I had to call My LAA to see her collection as he has been complaining with my number of clothes and shoes!
I was making the initial sets and pairs as Roxan was watching, amused, saying "I didn't know those can go together!" and "Hey...are you sure those colors can go together, they're soo bright."
I had to tell Roxy that when shooting, we need colors that stand out, unless she wanted to stay in black and white---which are my favorites by the way. The clothes you see she's wearing are all hers, but not the way she wears on the daily basis----why not?!?
Second, I did the make up. This time we agreed to have a fresh looking make-up---something that's ready for spring and that which goes along with the make-up.
Third, we did the shoot.
As like working with no professional models, there's always that awkward first 10 shots or first 10 poses, before the camera person or the model gets the hang of silly awkwardness and just get the job done.
It took sometime for Roxy to take things easy---but I am patient and experienced when it comes to that, this shoot being my --nth time where I really pushed myself hard behind the camera.
This time, I give myself a perfect for having done the styling, make-up, shoot and editing all by myself!
This is what OLIVEFOTOGRAFIX is all about.

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  1. pretty...:)
    and t.olive...i like your photoshoot ha...when ka uli? pa-model and shoot ko...hahahaha