Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flats Drawing Project

The work with the Light Box, pen, ruler and french curve.

The Suit
Turtle Neck Blouse/Shirt with Shorts

The Party Gown

Blouse and Skirt

These may look so simple, but this is the first daunting class project I have in Fashion School.

Well, equally daunting as sewing a skirt now for our Sewing Class!

For this project, I had to buy and artist's Light Box, so I could see through the paper and trace with a .5mm felt pen the figures that I made using the tracing paper. Without the light box, I had no idea how to start tracing my own drawing into the Bienfang paper from the tracing paper. Confused?

Here's my own version (written while I'm sleepy) of the How to do Fashion Flats:

Flats Drawing is a multi-step task.

First, one has to have the body figure format that will be used for the the flats drawing.

Second, one needs lots of tracing paper, a well sharpened pencil and dirt free eraser.

When all things are ready, the third thing to do is fold the tracing paper using only one side of the paper to do the piece of clothing on top of the half side of the body figure. Then draw one piece of clothing (eg. shorts, shirt) for 30-minutes or an hour.

When done doing the half, the paper is turned over to the blank half (the other half of the fold) and tracing of the finished half begins as part of the fifth step. Continue tracing for the next 15 minutes or so.

Last but not the least, the tracing paper is laid flat to show one whole piece of clothing with both sides identical. The artist then now adds details like blind stitch hems, buttons, appliques, prints, etc.

Want to try Flats Drawing?!? I hope my tips can help you. Goodluck!

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