Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sewing Class

Been working on this simple skirt for 8 hours straight and more that I don't seem to finish.
I missed a requested photoshoot for OliveFotografix, my son's tap and swimming class coz I was stuck on that chair the whole day learning clean stitch, french seams, putting on the zipper etc. etc.
Taking a break... Asking for help from the Professor. (He's Italian so imagine how he wants our work to be.)
All day work.
"Where's my scissors? My chalk? My pins? My etc etc." That's what you hear from time to time in our sewing class apart from the occassional sigh and the humming of the machine.
Zi---she's very confident with her work and very helpful too. great relief after all the pressure from class---all the big shops outside our window.
There' s all that you can think of outside. I probably spent a hundred each of the past 5 weeks. Is that good or bad?

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